BPJ Code

If you're building a Zippe-type centrifuge, you need to know how fast you can run it. Modelled here as a thin-walled cylinder containing a gas of negligible mass, only the wall material strength and density, and the radius of the cylinder, affect the maximum speed at which the centrifuge can run.

Thin-walled cylinder fails at blahrpm.
Tangential velocity is blahm/s.
Centripetal acceleration is blahm/s2.
Maximum specific rotational energy is blahJ/kg.

A Zippe-type centrifuge, imposes a radial pressure gradient on the gas inside it. This calculator models models the gas as an incompressible fluid, which may be very far from realistic for real gas centrifuges. The calculation is also useful to estimate static pressure produced in a centrifugal blower.

To estimate the pressure delivered by a centrifugal impeller, perform this calculation twice, once with the impeller outer radius and once with the impeller inlet radius. Subtract the pressure calculated for the smaller radius from the pressure calculated for the larger radius.

Static pressure is blahkPa.
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